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The Day is here, I have finally exhausted all other options, and now I fell like I have no other choice then to start my second hunger strike. I do not take this action lightly, as I was forced to partake in a documented hunger strike in the past, and it was extremely painful. the difference is this time I will only be going without food, unlike last time where I went with out food or water from a Friday until Tuesday. This time I will be taking water and salt. 

By the way, I have tried to remedy this with the court (your going to love what the courts did) and I even contacted the Governors Office and FBI with no reply, or help.  I plain on starting my Hunger Strike on July 4th 2021. 


Term 1;

As some of you may be aware, around 5 or 6 years ago, the Springfield Police Department attempted to revoke my firearm license when I was legally carrying. Yes, how crazy is that. But I appealed it and won in Superior Court. Instead of letting it be, the Springfield Police Department then retaliated by refusing to renew my business license. Being a State Hawker and Peddlers Permit. Being something that I needed to sell the Book that I wrote that exposed the corruption that I faced after I had taken out papers to run for the United States Congress, as well as to sell my art work.

Now that my Firearm License is up for renewal they have decided to revoke it because I am facing new charges, but you see. these new charges where filed from an incident that was alleged to have happened around 5 years ago, an alleged incident that the police didn't even think was a crime, and the only reason why I am now facing charged is because a corrupt Assistant District Attorney contacted the Monson Police Department and told the Officer to file the charges, if you want to hear more of this I will be reading the Motion to Dismiss that I filed in April with the Palmer District Court. What is important to mention is that both the Judge who is overseeing this case and the Assistant District Attorney (not the same one who pushed the charges to be filed) both didn't see it necessary to require me to turn in, or from refraining from owning firearms as a result of this charge. Also to note. these false charges where filed without even a Magistrate or a Proper Court Employee signing off of it, as well as other Court House irregularities. This was done within 30 days of my Firearm License renewal date. Thus not allowing me the ability to have it Dismissed prior to my renewal date.   

You see, its pretty sad that as an American Citizen, I can own my lawfully purchased firearms, just not in the State that I have lived my whole life in, even though I have never been convicted of any criminal act in my whole life, nor have I ever done anything other thing that would exclude me from being able to exercise my Constitutional Rights. Truth be told, I have not even gone target shooting since last summer, and I am not what one could consider a so-called "Gun Nut" what I am is someone who believes in the United State Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and I hate it when the Government over steps. 

With this in mind. I am requesting that the City of Springfield renew, and reinstate not only my Firearm License, but also my Business license  (Hawker Peddlers Permit) in order to allow me to conduct business legally in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Term 2

As for my second term. I want the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and responsible Cities to pay me Reparations for the unjust, unethical, and plain criminal activities that they have done to me, and have forced me to endure over the past 12 years, since 2009 when I had taken out papers to run for the United States Congress as a 25 year old candidate. Just some of these activities are as follows. Within around a month or two of taking out papers to run for the United States Congress;

I was denied readmission into the Westfield State University Art Department. Denying me the ability to finish my second Bachelors Degree in Fine Art/Art Education. The same person who had originally accepted me into the Art Department, and gave me an A in the only studio Art Class that I took with her, claimed that my Art Portfolio was not up to incoming student. The only this that had changed was that I was now running for the United States Congress as something other then Democrat in Massachusetts, and the President of Westfield State at the time was extremely politically connected. I had just graduated out of Westfield State a year prior, with my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I had also transferred into Westfield State with a Degree in Criminal Justice.

A the time that I took out papers to run for the United States Congress, I had also started a Career working with the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services as what is called a Direct Care Worker, but better see as a Youth Prison Guard. Once again. As soon as my superiors found out that I had taken out papers to run for the United States Congress. I went from being considered for a supervisor position to being forced out, and then black listed from my career field. 

Also at this time I started facing false criminal charges and other harassment, and once the court dates would arrive. The charges would be dismissed, but they where well aware that the arraignments would show up on a Massachusetts CORI report and not allow me to gain employment in my career field. in fact my CORI had just been cleared prior to then filing this new charge, thus resulting in my CORI being dirtied again, and starting the 6 or 7 year process over again.       

There is much more that State Actors have done over the years and this information will be shared via video on my Facebook and YouTube.